The Jean Monnet Chair in EU Environmental Law builds on the assumption that the increasing number of rules regarding EU environmental law can significantly affect the activity of jurists, such as lawyers and judges, as well as that of consumers, firms, officers of international, national and local administrations, and other professionals.

The Chair aims to boost the knowledge and understanding of environmental matters in the EU through a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach.
To this purpose, the project implements:

(a) a general academic course in EU law, taught in Italian (see course section of this website).
(b) a new academic course in EU and transnational environmental law, taught in English (see course section of this website).
(c) seminars and conferences on selected issues concerning environmental governance in the EU, open to students at large, managers, public employees and members of governmental and non-governmental organisations (see events section of this website).

All the events organized within the Chair provide contributions from different angles, and panellists have diversified backgrounds and expertises.
They are organized in collaboration with the Genoa Bar Association, the National Association of Chemists, and the High School for the Judiciary, and discuss environmental issues of particular concern for stakeholders.
The Chair has also the purpose to boost the academic knowledge and research on cutting-edge issues of EU and transnational environmental law, disseminating relevant results and publications, and providing a collection of materials concerning EU environmental law (see materials section of this website).